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So here’s what you do if you have an alternative itch that needs scratching… By “outsource”, I mean find another play partner your life isn’t tied to.

Many people in the BDSM/kink scenes do play that doesn’t involve exchange of body fluids.

and walked in on the guy and his girl making out with their hands all over each other. For a time, Grand Master style (or GM style), a method of strong sexual direct jokes, chase frames, and sexual intent, became one of the most popular methods in the pick up artist (PUA) community, alongside Mystery Method and Gunwitch Method. Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.

Impressed and amazed, Nathan dubbed this guy the ‘Grand Master’... And over the next year or so, Nathan Szilard befriended and worked to decipher the game of this guy he dubbed ‘GM’. And on top of that he said it several times to the same girl. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating.

One of Nathan’s earliest analyses of GM style was this: Hm trying to recollect what I forgot to mention in my earlier post. So he fucked that German yesterday, and before that, made a few (light) jokes about Germans, then ‘apologized’ by hugging/kissing her. I asked him about some place that’s packed with model-types full-bitch-shielded types, how do you handle that I asked, and he said, “You don’t get it, you don’t do the same thing there, I’ll explain you later.” He asks boring questions, name, job, then joke on it, and when I say JOKE, I mean FUCKING LAME jokes.

I understand that some of my male readers are into female domination.

She will cheat on you or at least think of cheating on you with men who are manly and at least temporarily want to dominate her instead of her dominating them. If a man is going to stay a man, in our perception, then he has to be more dominant than us.

You risk awkward creepiness if you botch your delivery. For the more advanced guys (or the still-curious beginners), read on... He does not really understand what is going on, me thinks. I explained him the concept of neg hit; he disagreed ... Well, it’s not NEGs, it’s more like ‘vannes’ as I explained once, that’s to say, taking the piss on her. He claims that he does not act the same with every woman. If you make your wife or girlfriend dominate you, then regardless of what is ideal, she will no longer view you as a man.A straight or bi leaning straight woman not viewing you as the man means that you will lose authority over the aspects of her sexuality that require a man to regulate.In fact, a huge risk in allowing or getting your wife or girlfriend involved with BDSM and other flavors of kink is the scene, and the fact that there are many Dominant men in it.

Women are social creatures, and on the internet, they are free to explore whatever they like, and ask questions of whomever they like under a comfortable cloak of anonymity.There is nothing wrong with that, but understand that around these parts, we deal in the *is* not the *should* (according to the mainstream or the pseudofreakstream) of sexuality.