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27-Jun-2019 00:35

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Months later I would feel guilty and try to quit again.

Sometimes I would just say "fuck it" and binge out.

I used to believe that the way to succeed for good was to relapse over and over again and to "keep trying" until my willpower gave out.

While certainly better than making no effort whatsoever, this is a halfhearted approach at best.

Any battle that is prolonged eventually becomes a losing battle.

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People have this idea stuck in their heads that everyday is supposed to be a mental grind where you're constantly at war with your inner self, and fight with all your willpower to come out on top day after day. You cannot "try" to quit any more than a crackhead can "try" to cut down on crack if he wants to quit for good.Satin adds that his release has not been confirmed but their sources indicate that there is some truth to the story.We noted earlier today via PWInsider that original RAW plans had Neville facing Enzo Amore for the WWE Cruiserweight Title in last night's RAW main event.That's exactly how I feel now concerning watching porn and masturbating. Yes, there are hard times and frustrating moments that came up after I quit. What I've come to realize is that as time goes on, life does get exponentially better and my mood and happiness levels steadily went up over time.

When the thought of relapsing creeps into my mind, I ask myself, FUCK NO!

Do you need to convince yourself day in and day out not to gamble a month's salary at the casino?