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10-Apr-2019 11:45

As individuals we are sovereign (first name), and as cells in the body of life we are united with all life today (unity).With this naming convention our very names themselves point to the true nature of our interdependence will all creation and our maturation into sovereignty and unity, which we call ‘sovereign unity.’ Why do people call me ‘Star’ sometimes? You are welcome to call me Cory for as long as it feels natural and comfortable to you.Julia Allison and I are SO PROUD of Cory 2.0 or Star or Christopher or whatever the fuck his name is: Other commenters ask Donkey how she defines intimacy and what she bases her assertions on. Just like *addicted* Rain never responded to her “Babe! A.: Is that Julie at the end of the 15-second video? She’s been reading RBD for years and has unearthed many donkey droppings in the last 18 months, including everything in this post. Oops, no coffee mug, so my money’s now on Monika de Myer. Always eager to lick dear Brit’s bunghole, heeeeeere’s Donkey! I thought it was high time Rhoda be given some credit! ) Donkey target, shared his idiot wife’s love letter to ME ME ME! These fauxtos remind me so much of a certain burro. To an unemployed slacker living off Daddy’s largesse, “feminine leadership” probably does involve prancing on the beach in a skimpy bikini. Yes, this will be a formal, legal, official name change.

Name changing is normal in many cultural traditions to support the transition from boy to man, lending well to the recalibration of self-perception and drawing a line in the sand to powerfully claim a new phase of life.

Looks like the former Corsters caught diarrhea of the keyboard from Ali Shanti: I’m changing my name to Christopher Life.