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Don’t be one of those Christians who find someone they like as a friend and ask them out on a date (knowing there will be no sexual pressure) with the idea that at ‘some’ time in the future things ‘may’ get romantic.Christians know that romance doesn’t mean sex but dating should mean romance – right from the first date.Single Christian Dating Books - a recommended selection with reviews from Amazon store.We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden.Now ask yourself the difference between Christian dating and two people going out as friends, for a meal or to catch a show? The friends, see each other as friends and treat each other accordingly.The dating couple should be viewing each other as dates, not simply as friends.Many Christians make the mistake of asking someone out on a romantic date when all they really want is someone to go out with as a friend.This leads to obvious complications when you have one person viewing the other as a potential friend, whilst being viewed by them as a potential husband or wife.

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It doesn’t mean working out the names of your future children five minutes into the first date!

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Christian dates should be romantic and marriage-minded from the outset.

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