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At first it was just questions about why I didn't have a mother.I would tell them I did have a mother, she just didn't live with us anymore."Honey, your mom had to work this weekend," they told me. After that weekend, if Mom wanted to see me, my dad made her pick me up at our house."She has an important job and you should be proud of her." I didn't care about her important job. She said she loved me, only when I saw her now she always had some man with her. She would call, e-mail, and text me, that was about it. I'd been replaced by something or should I say someone else in her life.I couldn't hear what they were arguing about, and at five I probably wouldn't have understood it anyway.However, when I heard glass breaking along with screaming I walked from our living room, where I'd been trying to watch television, to the doorway leading into our kitchen.

It took twenty years before I could finally look in the mirror every morning and not think about what it took to get me this far. So I smile, give her a kiss, and thank her for being in my life.Love and trust, two things I thought for the longest time I'd never achieve in my lifetime. We buried my grandmother just before my twenty-fourth birthday, a loss I still feel today.I was an innocent boy, untouched by the ugliness that life sometimes throws at you when the incident happened that set everything into play. Jeremy and his wife, Cindy, continue to be there for me when I need a sounding board, which thankfully isn't often anymore.Whether she meant it or not, she still did it, and to this day it's burned into my brain. "As soon as I get settled you'll come live with me," she kept promising over and over, and at five I had no reason not to believe her.

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I felt the sting and heat from the slap immediately, and for me, time stopped. But no matter how many times she said it, it never happened.Now with both my arms around her waist I figured I'd stopped her from leaving. "Stephen Joseph, I said go back into the house, now! From that day forward my grandma was there every morning when I woke up and would stay with me until Dad got home from work. Well, that became my problem after my dad and his family washed their hands of her.

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