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13-Aug-2019 08:30

My best friend is a lawyer and with all the stuff revolving around the Hardyz he was like, 'ok I'm really interested in this match.' It was fun, really cool. New Day came out in their ring gear so people didn't know how it was going down.

Them possibly announcing they were gonna join in and then there were the Hardyz, and yeah!

Looked as though Roman Reigns retired the Undertaker.

I'm just curious how were your emotions when you saw it in real time seeing Taker lose? She was sobbing almost like a family member had just passed.

So to seen him potentially retire in front of us like at Wrestlemania 24 for Ric Flair's retirement match...

It was one of those moments when you realize how much this things directly affects you." There was so many people sobbing, It was almost kind of equivalent to the Death of Superman. Including myself, I kind of felt like I sincerely lost a loved one.

I think that is just the power of really the man behind the character of Undertaker. Just over the decades the different incarnations we've seen of the Undertake right and just how he's been able to stay relevant all these years, playing into some really good stories.

But Instagram users pointed out to the reality star that the man in the video is actually a musician named Mechie. Mechie, 24, from Washington, DC, is described as an R&B singer.

Rob later amended his post, but stood by his claims that Chyna also slept with Rarri True. Chyna f***** me and this dude in her bed and then there is a third guy within 3 days all of each so thanks @shaderoom for clarifying.'So this is the dude she sent me the video of them f******' Rob continued, tagging Mechie in the post.

Again if there were a roof it would have been blown off!