Roche non sedating anxiety antidepressant

26-Jun-2019 11:35

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It came to a point where neither were working for me even at higher dosages so I started taking Ativan.This really helped my anxiety but it would come back every morning. Eventually I hit tolerance again and I found myself feeling more anxious than ever. The doctor put me on Valium because it's easier to taper off than any other benzo.Learn more about Valium."I was on diazepam for about a year and then my pcp decided that I should try valium.I was on diazepam for over five years and I was leading a productive life.Walmart has the good one and some grocery but not CVS.""Was previously on lorazapam and switched to Valium in February.Since then I never felt relief and suffered every day from anxiety.

At 20 mg a day usually take all at night time for sleep to. Strong addiction and should be weaned off it slowly or your head will hurt non stop for a month. It lasts eight times longer than Xanax or Klonopin they are two brothers not to mess with.I'm going through some withdrawal like tinnitus and night time sweats but I wake up better and have been feeling happiness. And I thought I wasn't abusing it because I didn't take it daily.I strongly recommend staying off any benzodiazepine and if you are going to take it, only for bad panic attacks. (Generally 2 or 3 times a week, depending how I felt).I finally sought help and was prescribed 2mg diazepam, 1 - 2 Tabs for an attack.

I will barely take a headache tablet I was extremely worried about using Valium. Use it with caution, take as little as possible and stop and see what happens. Don't let anyone scare you from taking Diazepam, yes they are addictive BUT my quality of life since taking it has been as a (normal) person.At first you may have the sedated effect before you become more resistant to the drug. Some stores give the yellow tablet which melts in mouth as clean as water.

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