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He gives a phenomenal performance.”“Shots Fired” it’s centered around the racial aftermath of a Black officer, played by actor/singer, Tristan Mack Wilds (of The Wire” fame), fatally shooting a White teenager; The primary focus of the show are the investigator, “Asher Bell” (Sanaa) and the special prosecutor, “Preston Terry” (Stephan James) and their love interest.

At first it seemed odd for the creators to reverse the roles of real life scenarios, by making the police shooting victim White, instead of Black.

“Being in the public eye and everything is recorded these days,” she explains. I do the social media because I’ve been encouraged to.

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[laughs] It’s funny because I didn’t feel chemistry with anybody but she [Gina] could see it.Gwen Stefani looks like someone in her 20s, but she's really 47.