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Sidebar: Here are my top five most famous rom-com quotes. Anyway, back to the rom-com queen: It would be disrespectful to argue against Julia Roberts, and I’m not going to try. Shea: The best one is absolutely the post-breakup montage where the two people have just separated for one reason or another and we get a bunch of shots of one of them going on about their normal workday while the other lies around on a couch or a bed or eats at a restaurant alone while it rains or walks down the street in a very sad way.The only thing I’d like to add is that the “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her” speech from is possibly the greatest romantic-comedy performance of the last 20 years. That’s always the first scene I think about when I think about the best rom-com scenes of all time. And since we’re here, are we going to talk at all about how absurd it is that the rom-com genre has so few entries from people of color? I prefer it to the We’ve Just Become a Couple montage because, despite the fact that one feels better and is considerably more fun, it’s almost always followed by the scene where everything falls apart, and that’s usually the hardest part of the movie for me to watch.(I’m always a fan of the setup where the protagonist is a workaholic and lives this especially tidy and manicured life, and then a new person gets dropped into it and causes everything to get turned upside down.

A romantic comedy is a structure more than a genre; it has to follow specific script beats (the meet-cute, the fight, the individual realizations, the big speech.) The only exception to this, as previously mentioned, is Who is the best rom-com star of the past 30 years?You’ve got Kate Hudson, who sneaks into the conversation on the strength of a string of ultraconsistent movies ( (her mega-charm in it turned Hugh Grant 6 inches tall), the most perfect cry-face and smile-face of any rom-com star ever (this is wildly important), and a vibrancy so overwhelmingly lovable that she managed to make ditching out on guys at the altar seem like a charming thing to do. Amanda: I have a soft spot for the Meg Ryan canon, only because each Meg Ryan character was written by Nora Ephron, who more or less invented the modern rom-com with .Ephron was the master of the form, and she made neurotic, overly verbal women lovable, for which I will always be grateful.There are two reasons it works so well: , so (a) I was a dumb 22-year-old and (b) I agree with your pick. Shea: It would seem that for a movie to be designated as a rom-com, it would have to contain just two things: moments that are romantic and moments that are funny.

But I’m going to go against the sensible advice of every single best friend in a romantic comedy and say that the best setting is a workplace (or a school, which is a workplace for teenagers). That assumption, however, is incorrect, and the reason why so many movies that aren’t romantic comedies accidentally get listed as romantic comedies (, for example).If it’s something that’s mostly a language thing, then it’s fine.