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KTE also has a good lot of /commands for us command line junkies :) Also supports v Pac archives and gzip compression which may be useful for you the version history says there is a cookie..which i am yet to find, happy hunting people :)) Cons...

Although i have yet to find any cons in the actual day to day use of the engine (i have been testing it since v0.4), it does have one major drawback. This is because it precompiles everything, and its a tradeoff for the actual speed you get once the theme is loaded.

Brilliant, however there is some room for improvement.Also, preview files stored will take considerably less space, as they're saved now in format. It allows you to search the IMDb by typing a trigger into a channel, and will return the result(s). July 7th, 2008: v2.01 - No longer requires m IRC 6.17 or newer, but anything older will not be supported. - Added the ability to search using imdb urls directly. imdb - Added the option to report results to channel as a notice. You can also permanently toggle this option in the configuration dialog. April 7th, 2005: v1.6 - added error checking and reporting for the $bfind error.Far and away the best MTS engine you'll ever download Reviewed by: Dark_Greg December 8th, 2001: Several fixes and improvements were made. Mostly bug fixes and improved compatibility with the standard.

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Don't forget to read the Readme BEFORE updating your current version. Also, Kte works now on m IRC 6.0 and up, but will still work for those who want to stay with m IRC 5.91. March 23rd, 2002: Kte 1.31: this is mostly a bugfix release.opening_weekend_screens^ for example wont display anything if we havent got the box office information). January 24th, 2005: v1.2 - updated script to work with imdb's html changes - added 'max' setting in the file, lets you limit all searchs to echo only the first N results. November 21st, 2004: v1.1 - fixed _ban alias error and on text triggers not working for some people.

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