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02-Aug-2019 00:35

YOUNGSTOWN -- The tiny, 10-year-old girl with golden brown hair was set to tell her story on the witness stand.There, she would describe to a judge and jury how she had been raped and sexually abused over a span of four years, prosecutors say.

I will live with this the rest of my life.'' Several law enforcement officials, including the state fire marshal and Youngstown homicide detectives, are investigating whether someone deliberately set the fire. The mother's boyfriend, Robert Seman Jr., was not in jail at the time of the fire.

Ohr, the deputy coroner, said the three died of smoke inhalation. Marshal Pete Elliott said his office found Lynn Schmidt, Corinne's mother, at Seman's house in Canfield, a suburb of Youngstown, later that morning and told her about the deaths of her daughter and parents. Several attempts to reach Lynn Schmidt were unsuccessful. That's when Sweeney, the judge, pushed back the rape trial.