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You should remember Cole down in the lounge earlier, checking the room for listening devices with his magic red tool.

After this new lady in red is gone (she was Berenice Marlohe, a former Bond girl), Albert and Cole have a strange conversation involving many long pauses and some seemingly deliberate shoulder grabs. Also remember that Diane seems to know a little about Blue Rose cases, and after being deputized, she responds with “Let’s Rock” and a two finger salute. Not to mention that “Let’s Rock” is a quote from the Little Man in the Red Room, which later appears written in lipstick on the windshield of missing Agent Desmond’s car.

Then Diane joins them, and she is made a lower ranked deputy of The Blue Rose club.

But it seems pretty clear this move is just subterfuge. And the longer this tense dance goes on, the more I think she may actually be working for good. Or perhaps all interactions with Diane are in code (for more on the codes in this episode, see the Bonus Points section below). IN TWIN PEAKS | Schoolteacher Miriam (the new Ronette, comatose witness to a murder) is in the hospital now, and she needs an operation.

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And finally, Diane discovers that the precious coordinates everyone’s been so desperate to learn lead to none other than the town of Twin Peaks. Ben gives Cooper’s old hotel room key to Frank as a memento for Harry (Note: if they aren’t setting Michael Ontkean up for a surprise cameo I am going to burn down America).

And later in that episode, a guy named Bing shouted (in a panic) into the RR Diner, “Has anybody seen Billy?

” Which seemed to suggest that someone killed Billy for talking to the police. David Lynch wasn’t kidding when he said (before the premiere of Season 3) that the prequel film would be very important to the plot of the show going forward.

And I want to remind you that Blue Rose cases used to be Project Bluebook cases, which were the life-long Top Secret work of Major Briggs before his death.

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Remember what he said when we saw his head floating through space in Part 3?

As she says herself, “It’s a goddamn bad story, isn’t it? Jacoby is still vlogging to an enraptured Nadine (are we just seeing a repeat of his commercial?