Side effects of internet dating

30-Mar-2019 12:54

Quite often, we meet with new clients who have previously tried online dating, but with minimal success.

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It’s certainly not as conventional as it is in the United States and perhaps hasn’t always attracted individuals with a serious relationship intent in an Irish context.They begin to wonder if anybody out there wants them for more than a fling.As well, a number of clients begin to question their self worth when they send out a number of messages and receive not a single reply.A 2012 comprehensive review of online dating sites found that having access to a seemingly infinite supply of profiles "can lead individuals to commoditize potential partners." In that situation, it's pretty easy for people to become overly picky -- women can sometimes be deemed undesirable with Three words: paradox of choice.

Having an unlimited pool of potential dates can not only make people feel less satisfied with their ultimate decision, but it can also lead them to freeze up and not make a choice at all.

In fact, that aforementioned 2012 review found that online daters were less willing to settle down and commit to a single partner while they had boundless options literally at their fingertips, a sentiment that 32 percent of Internet users echoed in a 2013 Pew Research Center poll.