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Their sweat-covered bodies and incessant open-mouth kissing, her body periodically convulsing to signal peaks as they moved from one position to another, clearly attested to it.I was so captivated by their images, which affected me powerfully that my vagina started pulsating and then creamed well before the video ended. When she told me that she wanted to write about the episodes in her life that she confided to me when she was having a hard time understanding what was happening and that she wanted my help, I did not hesitate to fly to Paris to see her and Philippe.They both wanted it done but she also wanted to protect everyone involved.Although this is really a "confession" with different names and locations except for Paris, I hope some of you will find it enjoyable in part or whole.

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Trained in ballet from a young age, I am excellent in ballroom dances, especially Latin in which I acquired an idiomatic lilt to my dancing from my high school Latina friends who took me into their circle and taught me how to move my body without thought or care of anything else in the world except being one with my inner sense of rhythm and the music.I agreed to write and submit to a site like Literotica with a readership among whom submission of like stories might be possible.

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