Updating db from xml

22-Jun-2019 10:47

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Check that your PATH environment variable contains When you open a new script, the name of the script is, by default, noname1.

This allows me to modify a script file that has features I know works.

Sooner or later, you're going to wish you had a prior version of a script you're working on.

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Vu Gen automatically creates within every script folder a lib folder which contains file combined_lib.c containing these lines referencing files in Load Runner's /include folder: Load Runner script to Use a Load Runner workload as a model for a Rational Load Test workload The lrun.h file defines several constants that you can use in your script: LR_PASS and PASS = 0 LR_FAIL and FAIL = 1 LR_ABORT = 3 LR_STOP = 3 Load Runner uses 1994 GNU C Pre-Processor options and the 1995 LCC-win32 Retargetable C Compiler/Linker from the Free Software Foundation via Chris Fraser of AT&T and Dave Hanson of Princeton.

//-------------------------- // Global Variables #endif // _GLOBALS_H When Vu Gen compiles a script, it creates a file named "pre_cci.ci" which contains code from all actions and include files.