Updating psp from cfw to ofw Hotchat direct com

08-May-2019 23:51

* Note: You still can't play games with 4GB files from the external directly! * * Help, My files i copied to the external drive are not visible on my pc?

The files are marked as system files, which windows default hides.

Always check hashes (they are listed for a reason on ps3devwiki)!

updating psp from cfw to ofw-23

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* * All files/folders copied from the internal disk (like /dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ/) to the external disk (/dev_usb ..

- Added filesize information - Added Comgenie's Awesome Filesplitter (Windows) - Added Creation of new folders - Added Renaming of files/folders - More fixes for different screens - Color highlight of the selected file Release Log 0.04 - Fix for different (SD) screens (bigger text on lower resolutions).

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