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In this section, we will see how to represent such mappings in Python.data type that can be used for mapping between arbitrary types.Since words and tags are paired, we can treat the word as a condition and the tag as an event, and initialize a conditional frequency distribution with a list of condition-event pairs.This lets us see a frequency-ordered list of tags given a word: We can reverse the order of the pairs, so that the tags are the conditions, and the words are the events. We will do this for the WSJ tagset rather than the universal tagset: Finally, let's look for words that are highly ambiguous as to their part of speech tag.

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(For this reason, text-to-speech systems usually perform POS-tagging.) seem to have their uses, but the details will be obscure to many readers.It is like a conventional dictionary, in that it gives you an efficient way to look things up.However, as we see from 3.1, it has a much wider range of uses. As we saw above (line ), this gives us the key-value pairs.For this reason, a special kind of dictionary called a The above examples specified the default value of a dictionary entry to be the default value of a particular data type.

However, we can specify any default value we like, simply by providing the name of a function that can be called with no arguments to create the required value.

Most often, we are mapping from a "word" to some structured object.