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The reason she'd turned was to look at the other woman who'd emerged from the back door in a similar bikini in turquoise, the pallid body and auburn red hair unmistakable, his own loving wife Robyn posing provocatively for Mariel's approval before they waded in the pool holding hands. " Vin asked himself rhetorically, somewhat upset and a little confused at his wife's entirely uncharacteristic behavior.

She'd never bared so much of her slender figure in public before, causing him to wonder at her sudden lack of modesty with somebody she did not know very well or even seem to like.

Then, after a dip in the pool, they seemed to just doze in the sun like two contented cats.

He heard the whistle again and found the young blokes in their tree, but now they were both buck naked and exhibiting extremely hard, erect penises.

She made him very horny indeed with her bronze-brown skin, curly hair and broad, pretty facial features evidencing her partly negroid heritage.

His only viewpoint for a proper look at her was from the flyscreened vent at the top edge of the upstairs toilet window, a fairly safe vantage point because the window's glass was frosted and curtained, but requiring the use of his stepladder on a tiled floor.

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Vince could scarcely believe his eyes as his spouse reciprocated in kind, eagerly squeezing and mouthing Mariel's dark boobs in the most unrestrained display of sapphic love.Her breasts swung and quivered while she massaged the cream into the other's skin from neck to ankle before indicating that Robyn should roll on to her back.