Wausau area dating

28-Aug-2019 05:07

I still love you Priss or my sweet DZ, forever, Cally I am geeting shipped off the Harragot Army college in 4 months, i finally asked out the girl of my dreams, we had liked each other for 6 years and never told each other.it was 6 years of pain and torture for both of after only being with her for 2 month i can't stop listening to this this.It reminded me of how I have lost loved ones in my life starting with my grandma in 1998 and then just recently my father.Even though they will always be with me in spirit doesn't hide the reality that I'm still here but without them. i was coming out of a bad relationship when we started dating (i thought i was over the first one, but i guess i wasnt)..anyways i ended up leaving her so i know i wouldnt end up cheating on her, or leaving her for anyone else (this was out of paranoia in a way)...Then, almost 2 years after we were married, he passed away unexpectedly, and this song has taken on new meaning for me.I think it really captures the emotions of loving someone who can't be with you.When i deployed to iraq she was right there with me saying goodbye.as our bus drove away to the airfield i looked back and saw her beautiful yet sad face wet with tears disapear off into the distance.i opened up the window looked back one last time and yelled i love you. I can understand the pain of losing someone you care for. This song always meant a lot to me and to my adopted daughter.

To me its about a cpl being together and he misses her so much bc she was selfish and broke his heart. I told her this to help her understand that she was making the right decision when she left her boyfriend of two years.This song means so much to me because of the beautiful woman I met 10 years ago and fell deeply in love with.Though she only lived 5 miles from me it seemed like 1000 because we both were in loveless marriages and had no way to get out due to our home obligations.A bands tour is roughly 3 months long give or take and 100 days is just over 3 months. The lyrics 'when the last one falls' is a popular phrase used by performers referring to a curtain. By the way, she's absolutely the prettiest girl I've ever seen in my life-and smart-and funny-and silly... i break into tears whenever i listen to this song, coz i remember both of them....

The song is obviously speaking of a romantic kind of love but it always makes me think of my dad. all i want to do is be with her This song reminds me of my son, Andrew, who passed away Jan 5, 2007.

Our affair lasted almost 5 years & this song was truly ours & even now when I hear it.