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04-Aug-2019 05:25

As well as the need to customise over 50 privacy settings you will need in particular to discuss with your child and perhaps help them to: Encourage your child to be careful when disclosing personal information.

Because of this, children and young people may feel pressured to accept, or indeed seek out, contacts that are not known to them in the real world.

You need to show your child how to apply the safety and privacy settings of their social networking site and remind them to review them, and their list of “friends”, often.

Being unkind, hurtful or offensive to others: The lack of adult supervision and feeling that they are anonymous has led some young people to cyberbully and harass others online.

However, it is estimated that there are over 5 million Facebook users who are under 11 years of age so clearly young children are creating profiles and not giving their correct date of birth.

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They run the risk of seeing, reading and being involved in adult content and age-inappropriate behaviours.

In every aspect of development, from learning to cross the road, ride a bike or swim, parents teach, guide and support their children. The best online safety strategy, regardless of the age of the user or the technology involved, is to talk with your children and to engage with their use of the Internet.

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