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06-Jun-2019 18:58

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Hola and ciao to all my fellow mongers I've stopped writing as all these are normal girls living and working in dubai but the passion for sex has increased, its now more of a game to fuck than the usual go pick fuck sleep. Thanks for your Annual report which is wonderful way to round off 2017. As a post-script, I did get my Miss Dubai 2017 in tonight to round off the year on a high and she has just left the building.

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Among these there was a couple of them who I thought could have been a good thing to take them at home.Trust me its so tuff to penetrate her that sometimes you need to be a beast to fuck them and now the new fad is to fuck there virgin asses have already popped two of them getting into more. At that time I was already keen to kick her out, nevertheless she kept asking what was wrong, like if there was anything normal in what she was doing given the kind of activity. For that price I can help you with pinays or fly to Cebu and spend that cash there and you will see an enormous difference LOL.