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The latter is an impoundment held by a masonry dam built around 1911 and therefore does not appear on the 1881 map.

The three major streams are the Missisquoi River which crosses the Township from North to South as it flows towards Lake Champlain, Ruiter Brook which runs into the Missisquoi taking its source in Fullerton Pond and, finally, Mud Creek which flows into the south branch of the Missisquoi.

This is an opportunity to bring forth not only dates, events and anecdotes, but to illustrate how the fabric of this society was woven by many people of different ethnic and religious origins who chose, as I have, to live in Potton for its surroundings of exceptional beauty.

For me, this look into the history of Potton was a most gratifying and moving experience.

Lake Memphremagog is one of the dominant natural features of the landscape and had a determining role in the history of Potton.

In the interior there are two small lakes, Sugar Loaf Pond and Fullerton Pond.

The Association is especially grateful to Paul Rouillard for his enthusiasm and knowledge of the area.

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In 1757, Fort William Henry on Lake George was attacked by the Natives and a massacre ensued.Missiskoui, a name most likely of Native origin, labels the southern branch on that map.