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Besides journals and manuscripts dating to the late 1950s, when Ms.Walker was a teenager, the collection will include correspondence with other notable feminists, including Tillie Olsen and Gloria Steinem, as well as celebrities like Steven Spielberg.But if I say more, I will surely give away some spoilers and that wouldn’t be right.I recommend this to anyone who enjoys Alice Walker’s work, anyone who loves reading about African-Americans (of the South), anyone who appreciates feminism/womanism concepts, anyone who can stomach some pain, and anyone who simply desires to cuddle up with an uplifting book!Zoom had a heck of an introduction, and it is going to take some time to recover from his first appearance.After being warned of how deadly Zoom was numerous times by Jay Garrick, Barry w…It's almost like we The Flash viewers are the ones time traveling, looping right back to Season 1 and asking ourselves, "who is Harrison Wells and can we trust him?There were numerous battles, heartfelt conversations, an engagement (! After Tommy is taken hostage by Erica he is left powerless as long as Phoebe stays near.), and of course, the possible murder of one the show's most beloved characters. This gives Erica the chance to give him the one thing he has been desperate…Cisco, I just want you to be happy!

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The same-sex relationship in this story keeps : Celie seems to be everyone’s heroine, but my favorite character is Nettie – Celie’s younger sister.

But if he was scary, Zoom, The Flash Season 2…It's times like these that Tommy (I'm just going to continue calling him that since changing his name to Nathan would be needlessly complicated) really proves he is a Petrelli, through and through.

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