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have a great life Knowles Log in to Reply you know if you look Into history of new england you will see what I said was true but what can I expect from people whos ancestors were proabley slaves with no class MYANCESTORS KINGS &OUEENS WHAT WHERE YOURS!

Log in to Reply hi I also have a son knowles wiegand richards 111,my two grandfathers came from english royalty marred into english royalty one married a knowles, and one married a wiegand, they came to america. they oppened a factory or rather benjamen arthure richards did with one of the lincoln boys.

so eliza I got an email from you before you can reach me at wiegand richardson @ I will get it at my email.

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I have been married 3 times and all toughther I have 5 children 1daughter won’t talk to me shes mentaly Ill her mother and grandmother poisoned her aginst me but all the rest com to see me.

Birth Name: Eliza Patricia Dushku Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U. Date of Birth: December 30, 1980 Ethnicity: *Albanian (father) *Danish, English, smaller amounts of Irish and German (mother) Eliza Dushku is an American actress. Eliza’s father, Philip Richard George Dushku, is Albanian, from the city Korçë.

Her mother, Judith Ann (Rasmussen), is of half Danish ancestry, with her other roots being English, and smaller amounts of Irish and German. Aside from American, Eliza has Albanian citizenship. Eliza’s paternal grandparents were George Vani Dushku (whose mother’s maiden name was “Pochi”) and Vilerminni.

starring the pop band School Gyrls (Mandy Moseley, Monica Anne Parales, Jacque Pyles) and Lindsay Taylor.

The film premiered on Nickelodeon on February 21, 2010, and later aired on Teen Nick on March 19, 2010.My great grandfathers came from wensbury england they were of the richards.