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In the years since, she claims, she has been forced to have regular stem cell therapies to treat lingering issues with her central nervous system.

She said: 'Unfortunately, litigation is the only course of action we can take to hold the drug companies accountable for threatening the lives of so many innocent people who undergo MRIs.

Former model Gena Norris, 54, pictured with her husband of 19 years, action star Chuck Norris, 77, in 2009.

Born in Harrogate, she later moved to Weatherfield having attended Bessie Street School in her youth.

But she claims the dye used to improve the clarity of her scans - gadolinium - left her close to death, costing million in out-of-pocket medical fees, and says she has suffered permanent weakness, exhaustion, bouts of pain, cognitive issues and a burning feeling ever since.

Now movie star Chuck, 77, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his wife of 19 years against a plethora of manufacturers who produce the contrast dye, including Mc Kesson and Bracco, two heavyweights in the industry.

But that's in part because blood and urine testing for gadolinium only became available recently and most doctors were not aware of any disease that was associated with gadolinium other than one that affects people with kidney problems, the lawsuit said.'One of the problems is this is a very misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed condition,' said Todd Walburg, an attorney for the Norris'.

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The lawsuit accuses several manufacturers of gadolinium contrast agents of knowing about their risks, but failing to warn consumers.Charlotte split from rugby player Matt Sarsfield back in February and claimed her "heart had been ripped out".