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When I was about 16, we changed it, and it was sort of for protection. So trying to fit in, here I'm a Southern boy with long hair and an accent and coming from no money, I wanted to fit in. If someone called me Bruce, that was only high school. Ashley: I'm pretty down to earth, but I do Pilates sessions one on one.

And if they called me Shane, it was only a recent thing. Last year, I went with Topshop, a brand I'm very close with, so it always feels warm and happy working with Sir Philip Green. In Shane's [words] he'd probably say: feisty, independent, feline. It's not that I'm scared of people looking at me, but I just need the extra attention to make me work out!

Glamour: What's been the coolest night you've gotten to experience because of the fame you've achieved? As we were doing the carpet, my friend says, "When we get to the top of the stairs, we're going to meet Anna Wintour, and she's going to say hi and shake your hand." So when I [eventually] meet Anna Wintour, she says, "You look good." I looked at my friend and was like, "Hello! I got to play onstage with the band for the very first time. []Shane: I've never been that Hollywood of a guy. It's not the norm, but I go probably about two or three times a week.

We played at the Dragonfly live for this punk-rock crowd. My first starring role I did, they asked during your lunch break if you wanted to take an hour for lunch or to get a massage, and I said "massage." I was 21!

Hanging out with these two (who star on WGN America's hit new series ) isn't work at all, and it's only because of how laid-back, witty, and thoughtful they are.

Recently he is not involved in any relationship nor he is dating anyone which means he hasn't any wife or girlfriends.[But] I was very grateful, and I still am grateful for it. I was 16 and working with really respected British actors.I didn't have an agent at the time, and it kind of threw me into real acting.You end up having a lengthy conversation about burrata. That changed things to a different level, which I didn't like it in a way.

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Over lunch at West Hollywood see-and-be-seen hot spot Cecconi's, we ate our weight in food, celebrated Shane's birthday, and shared crazy Hollywood stories.

[] I'm going to use Ashley's suggestion, and hopefully they can squeeze me in.

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