Workstation group policy not updating No log xxxx chat

08-Aug-2019 10:33

Google offers their own administrative template files to help with GPO.

Although Firefox does not support it natively, there is an open source ADM file called Firefox ADM that will allow us automatic configuration through GPO.

To make these configuration changes VB scripts are used to configure Firefox during login/logout/startup/shutdown.

These scripts should be imported to their correct locations inside the Policy.

Open the zip file ( and navigate to \windows\adm\en-US\ or whatever language you’d like to use and extract the file to a folder that you’ll remember.

A really cool feature of this admin template is the ability to still allow users to control some aspects of the program.

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They have slowly eaten away at the dominant IE market share practically since their inception.Armed with the information above and the downloadable administrative templates, you can configure Group Policy on your domain for the two most popular alternative browsers: Firefox and Google Chrome.