Xbmc updating video library art

01-Jun-2019 00:42

If there are multiple media files in a folder, the *must be named exactly the same as the video file it is representing (ie. In the case of multi-part (stacked) video stacking, name the file either or moviename-CD1where the first filename is moviename-CD1

Note, if your movie is ripped as VOB's and stored in a 'VIDEO_TS' folder, you will have to name the file 'VIDEO_TS.nfo' and place it in the same directory with the VIDEO_file.

Example: By default the xml entry is added to the scraped entry in the database and may result in some duplicates.

If you want to completely override the scraped result you need to set a clear attribute for the relevant xml tag in the nfo file.

and episodename.nfo) and in the same folder, allowing multiple episode and *files within the same folder.

Episode names must still follow the naming convention even though you are using a custom NFO file.

You can also create nfo files that contain both XML data and an URL.

This is useful for instance, if you want the entry in your database to have another name than the one officially provided by the scraper, for the movie to sort differently or the movie to be a part of a movie set.

Despite the convenience of such an arrangement, it isn't without flaws.My Movies saves an XML file and a poster cover image which with this patch will get scanned by XBMC in the same way as XBMC's own XML formatted NFO files are scanned/scraped.